Easily create habits and manage your time

with our intelligent and personalized personal assistant.

What makes us so great

Personalized & Intelligent

Pressed uses manual inputs and advanced algorithms to learn your preferences. We are able to figure out when, where, and how to remind you of tasks or steps toward your habits and goals. It's uncanny how accurate Pressed is in identifying the best times to fill your schedule.

Easy Habit creation

Pressed is designed to help you manage not only your time, but your life and future goals. To do this, we use proven techniques to help you accomplish tasks and create habits. Our testing has shown that we have developed the perfect tool to make habit creation both fun and easy!

Delightful Time Management

Pressed is the all-in-one app solution to managing your life. We combine your to-do list with a calendar (integrate and manage your existing calendars inside the app) in an elegant way. Our features make time management a breeze. One way we accomplish this is connecting the native reminders system to the app so you can add tasks, habits, and calendar apps via Siri.

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